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Dr Zacharia and David Penn – Changing Faces

Dr. Michael Zacharia and Dr. David Penn are experts in their field of Changing Faces through cosmetic and dental surgery. In this real life six part series, we delve into the lives of patients with unique and compelling reasons for a medical transformation and the journey Dr & patient take to get there.

In this show, it’s not just vanity that is being satisfied – we see our experts helping people to make the most of themselves and live a life full of confidence inside and out.

Today Tonight

Dr Michael Zacharia on Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Dr Zacharia on cosmetic foot surgery. Today Tonight covers an interesting article on the fast growing trend towards women (and men!) cosmetically altering the shape of their feet for comfort and appearance.

The Kerri-Anne Show

Dr Michael Zacharia – Cosmetic physician – Rhinoplasty (Before & After)

Dr Michael Zacharia, a skilled Cosmetic expert in Sydney appeared on Kerri Anne with his patient, Sharron before her Rhinoplasty operation and the second instalment of the show that takes a look at Sharron’s results after Rhinoplasty and her take on the experience.

Part 1


The Kerri-Anne Show

Dr Michael Zacharia – Cosmetic Injections

Dr Michael Zacharia a top class physician of cosmetic surgery in Sydney on Kerri Anne speaking regarding cosmetic injections and its various uses for things like excessive sweating, muscle relaxation and migraines.

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