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Transgender Surgery Sydney – Facial Masculation & Feminisation Surgery

Facial feminisation or masculinisation surgery aims to alter certain features in order to achieve an appearance that’s more appealing, natural and comfortable to the patient. Transgender surgery is completely customisable and will be based on your personal aesthetic goals.

Transgender Surgery Explained

There are a number of procedures that fall under the category of transgender surgery, but overall, each procedure is designed to soften male features or transform female features to achieve a more feminine or masculine appearance respectively. Every patient has different needs, which means that not all of the procedures mentioned below will be necessary. Transgender surgery is a very personal journey and one that can be made more relaxed and positive with the help of a qualified surgeon such as Dr Zacharia.

Facial Feminisation Procedures

The following feminisation surgery options are available at our clinic:

Facial Masculinisation Procedures

While hormone therapy will be required to achieve a more masculine facial appearance and change sex characteristics, there are several surgical procedures that can help change the structure of the face:

What to Expect after Transgender Surgery

Even though transgender surgery is a combination procedure, the average patient will require around 2 to 4 weeks of downtime. The aftercare instructions that need to be followed and the side effects that will be experienced will depend on the specific procedures that were undertaken.

Dr Zacharia will take you through all of these requirements before your surgery, so that you know exactly what to expect and can prepare accordingly.

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