TLC Payment Plans

Payments your way

methods to
suit you.

Need help with finding funds to pay for your medical, cosmetic, dental or lifestyle needs? Let us take care of the whole process for you.

Simply ask one of 
our team or google
“Total Lifestyle Credit”

TLC cover all surgical &
non-surgical treatments
up to $50,000

Finding funds or applying for finance can be overwhelming and daunting. It doesn’t have to be!

At TLC we will take care of all the arrangements completely stress free when applying.

At TLC we cover all your medical fees as well as any associated costs like hospital stay, anaesthetist, aftercare etc so you can choose the RIGHT Doctor!

Why choose TLC

A complete in-house
stress free personalised

Plans from $2,001 to
suit your financial &
lifestyle needs

Any Doctor or Clinic 
of your choice

Let us take care of the
process for you

Your funding in 3 easy steps –

Get the
treatment you
want today.

At Total Lifestyle Credit, we believe that providing competitive dental, medical / cosmetic payment plans leads to a better healthcare experience and ultimately, a stress free outcome for you.