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The Facts About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex procedures performed today.? Unlike other cosmetic enhancement procedures, a person who performs the surgery must not only aim to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose, they must also ensure the anatomical functionality of the nose is not impaired.

Even slight variations to the nose have a dramatic effect on the entire facial appearance.? The aesthetic function of the nose is to enhance the eyes.? Anything that makes the nose stand out will take attention away from the eyes and results in a perception of a less pleasing facial appearance, including:

  • ?Large nose in proportion to face
  • ?Lopsided due to injury
  • ?Low dipping tip
  • ?Noticeably disfigured

A carefully planned rhinoplasty performed by an experienced professional can produce an excellent functional and cosmetic improvement.? Dr Zacharia performs a thorough assessment at your consultation.? This will involve photographing your nose from all different angles. These photos are then digitally altered for you to assess the degree and type of modifications that would best suit your face.? This takes away the fear and trepidation most people feel about undergoing rhinoplasty; allowing you to envision what your nose could potentially look like

Dr Zacharia performs most rhinoplasty procedures via internal incisions.? Performing the incisions internally means less swelling post-procedure and faster healing.? This enables a person to be able to return to work after about 10 ? 14 days.? Within a couple of weeks any major swelling and bruising is usually resolved.

Visit our website (http://newdrzach.realclicksstaging.com.au/nose-surgery/) and send in pictures for Dr Zacharia to assess via info@drzacharia.com.au ?or call us on 1800 685 438 and book a consultation to start this process today!

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