Natalia James


Natalia is the Psychologist MZ works with for pre surgery preparation

  • All patients 18 years and where the doctor deems it necessary for a for pre surgery session (if they are nervous or anxious or something)
  • All patients under the age of 18 years – it’ mandatory to complete a minim of one session.

Natalia James is our Senior Psychologist that provides a ‘cognitive behavioural therapy’ approach on how best to manage with the physical changes that are associated with surgery. Where required Natalia will assist each patient in areas of emotional regulation and mood stability prior to surgery. It is understood that surgical procedures may cause heightened distress, and it is our aim to manage these states as effective as possible.

Natalia’s’ therapeutic style is very gentle and empathic; she believes an authentic and safe therapeutic relationship is key to making positive change. The objective is to assist each patient in their decision to proceed with surgery.

Prior to your scheduled appointment, with Natalia, you would be requested to fill out a 21 questionnaire ‘psychometric measure: ‘Depression Anxiety Stress Scale’ DASS. The DASS is a self-assessment that measures your depression, anxiety, and stress levels for the past 7 days. This would ultimately provide Natalia with further insight into providing you with the best examination, in relation to your scores.

It’s important to us to provide the finest support tailored to each patient along their journey.

All of our patients have reviewed it is the best thing they have done prior to surgery.

Natalia James

No. PSY0001410165

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Bachelor of Psychology
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