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Dr Michael Zacharia

Ear Surgery


Ear Surgery, otherwise known as Otoplasty, involves highly specialised techniques to visually correct the shape, balance and position of large, disproportionate or damaged ears.

An expert in creating beautiful results with minimal – if any – noticeable scarring, over the last 30 years Dr Zacharia has helped patients correct:

  • Protruding “bat” ears
  • Large or deformed earlobes
  • Shell ear
  • Asymmetry
  • Deformations and damage caused by injuries
  • Misshapen ears, and more

Ideal for children and younger patients with softer cartilage, ear surgery can dramatically improve a patient’s sense of self-confidence, simply and effectively, with patients returning to regular duties within three days.

Involving delicate incisions often behind the ear, Dr Zacharia can sculpt beautiful new ears by crafting ear cartilage, trimming excess skin and using permanent sutures to stabilise the new position and shape.

Complete with a full post-operative recovery system overseen by Dr Zacharia, designing a new look has never been easier or safer.

For more information, or to organise an otoplasty consultation, please contact Dr Zacharia’s clinic today.

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