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Dr Michael Zacharia

Adenoids & Tonsil Surgery


Laboured breathing, mouth breathing, snoring and persistent or chronic sore throats can indicate that you or loved ones have problematic adenoids or tonsils.

Left unaddressed, children and adults suffer long-term discomfort, lack of energy, low motivation, poor appetite, ear pain, and repeat fevers. However, chronic tonsillitis and swollen adenoids can be easily and safely solved in children and adult cases with expert surgical intervention.

With over 30 years of experience helping patients of all ages relieve painful throats and to breath easy, Dr Zacharia will map out you or your loved one’s health history before thoroughly investigating and discussing your options.

What to expect with surgery

Removing tonsils and adenoids is a safe and simple procedure done under general anaesthesia.
To remove adenoids, incisions are made in the roof of the mouth with openings often cauterised to stem bleeding. In some cases, the area is lightly packed with gauze that is then removed before the patient is discharged.

Tonsillectomy is also achieved by accessing the tissue through the mouth, with tonsils quickly removed for fast recovery.

If you would like more information on adenoid and tonsil surgery, please contact Dr Zacharia’s office today.

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