Questions to Ask in Your Consultation for a Facelift: Part 2 - Dr Zacharia

Get that Summer body, without going to the gym, without surgery, with no downtime at all?

Get that Summer body, without going to the gym, without surgery, with no downtime at all?

Sculpture, SculpSure.

They sound very similar, don?t they?

That?s because with SculpSure, we can sculpt your body by destroying fat cells, getting rid of those areas of fat that you can?t seem to shift. As we get older, we tend to develop little ?problem areas?, usually our mid-sections, love handles, inner thighs and buttocks are the main culprits. These jiggly little areas that tend to haunt us.

But what if you could just melt these sections away?

SculpSure uses body contouring technology to safely target fat cells in just 25 minutes, without affecting the surface of the skin! And with no recovery time after the treatment, you can walk in and walk out.

How does it work?

It?s pretty simple how the process works. The laser energy targets and heats fat cells under the skin. It raises the temperature of these fat cells, this damages their structural integrity (meanwhile there?s still no negative effect on you!). Over the next three months, damaged fat cells are processed and eliminated by your body?s lymphatic system.

Thanks for the science-y answer, what?s it going to feel like?

While this treatment heats your fat cells, you?re going to feel a cooling sensation, this helps to keep you comfortable during the treatment. The cooling system stays on during the entire treatment, so you?re in good, comfortable hands, you may experience some warmth or a tingling sensation, every customer will have different experiences.

After this, fat cells are permanently removed! They cannot regenerate, and results can be seen in as little as 6 weeks.

Take note though, a good diet is key to avoid creating more fat cells, and patients may require several sessions for optimal results.

If you?re looking to learn more and want to speak to a real person about our treatments, please call us on (02) 9192 1600 or fill out a form on this website. We can do in-person or virtual consultations.