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SculpSure & Venus Legacy: The new Super Hero duo in town!

SculpSure & Venus Legacy, the new Super Hero duo in town!

Sculpsure vs Venus Legacy

Let’s be honest, these machines do amazing work on their own. But together they are a force to be reckoned with and the easiest way to make your Summer body a reality.

We’ve got a great special on now,

We’re offering 1 session of SculpSure and 4 sessions with the Venus Legacy for only $1999 (usually $3600!)

Best results are seen after 2 rounds of SculpSure and 8 sessions of Venus, this will have you looking amazing and beach ready for only $2999 (usually $7200!)

There’s some amazing savings right there.

But why do they work so well together?

  1. Well on one hand, the Sculpture treatment targets fat cells at an extreme level, targeting, heating and eventually destroying, being flushed out by your body naturally. Read more about SculpSure here.
  1. Then the Venus Legacy swoops in, ready to seal the deal and contour your body. While this treatment also eliminates some fat cells, it also increases the production of elastin and collagen (To be honest, if the Fountain of Youth was real, it would be flowing with collagen and elastin.) This enhances the skin, tightening saggy areas and smoothing out cellulite. Read more about the Venus Legacy here.

There’s no question that these two treatments working great separately, but together, they’re amazing.

They’re suitable for all skin types, comfortable and no recovery or downtime afterwards, perfect!

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