Questions to Ask in Your Consultation for a Facelift: Part 2 - Dr Zacharia Questions to Ask in Your Consultation for a Facelift: Part 2 - Dr Zacharia

Questions to Ask in Your Consultation for a Facelift: Part 2

Following on from our blog post, ?Questions to Ask in Your Consultation for a Facelift: Part 1?, this article deals with some other relevant questions that clients have brought up in their initial consultations with Dr Zacharia, our renowned facelift surgeon in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Add these questions to your list to ask the surgeon in your one on one consult.

1. When will I be able to exercise again?

Because a facelift is a facial surgery, you may have to wait longer to exercise than other types of surgery. This is because when you exercise, the blood flowing to the face can be disruptive to getting optimal results and inhibit the reduction of swelling.
We conservatively recommend taking around four to six weeks off from your exercise routine. Ensure that you have the approval of your surgeon before resuming exercise, as each person’s recovery experience is unique.

2. When will I need to come in for my next checkup?

The surgeon will need to see you for a follow-up appointment shortly after your surgery to check that your recovery is progressing as it should. Dr Zacharia will see you straight after the surgery and the following day. You will have check-ups at various stages to ensure your comfort and healing progress. You will be able to contact our nurse 24/7 and you are welcome to come in at any time during your recovery if you feel anxious or concerned about your healing process.

3. Would you recommend other treatments first?

In some cases, the surgeon may recommend that you try other treatments for a while such as fillers, muscle relaxants or peels if they think that you don?t warrant a facelift as yet. These are effective treatment options for many women. A mini-lift may be an alternative to a full facelift, too.

4. Will I need further surgery in the future?

You will always look younger than you would without having a facelift, it is important, however, to look after your new complexion. We see the best facelift results over time with our patients who regularly invest in skincare treatments in their post-surgery skin regimes. Our MediSpa Clinic offers a range of treatments specifically designed to support our new youthful skin and lasting results.

5. Could you provide a rough estimate of the cost involved?

Cost is an important factor in many people?s decision-making processes. Your surgeon should be able to provide an estimate of costs. This will depend on the type of facelift, technique, and difficulty of your specific case.
If you are looking for a facelift consultation, then come and see Dr Michael Zacharia to discuss your facelift plastic surgery options. Dr Zacharia is an established facial surgeon, and you will feel at ease in our modern Double Bay clinic.

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