Questions to Ask in Your Consultation for a Facelift: Part 1 - Dr Zacharia Questions to Ask in Your Consultation for a Facelift: Part 1 - Dr Zacharia

Questions to Ask in Your Consultation for a Facelift: Part 1

Considering a facelift? There?s no time like now to book in for a consultation – a face to face sit down will answer all your queries in one session and saves you the sometimes exhausting process of internet research – whereas we all know – information can be misleading.

If you walk into the consultation with a list of questions to ask, you can make sure you have all the bases covered. Here are ten of the most popular questions that clients have when coming to our clinic for the first time.

1. What type of facelift do you recommend?

Full facelift with brow lift? Mini facelift? There are multiple facelift options that you can choose from. Some facelifts work at a different layer of skin than others, like the SMAS facelift. Ask Dr Zacharia what he recommends for you, he has had many years of experience working with a range of skin types and age groups. With his wealth of knowledge and your individual skin goals in mind, he will be able to recommend the facelift option which will have the best results for your unique case.

2. How many years? experience have you had in performing facelifts?

The more experience a surgeon has had, the more reliable their results. Many clients come to our clinic because they know they can trust in the expertise of Dr Zacharia. Dr Zacharia is firmly established as one of Sydney?s Eastern Suburbs’ most respected Facial Plastic Surgeons.

3. Which hospital do you use?

Take an interest in which hospital you?ll be staying at for your surgery. Researching the preferred hospital for a surgeon can help to put you more at ease about going into surgery.

4. Will I need to stay overnight in the hospital?

Find out whether the type of facelift you?re recommended will require an overnight stay in the hospital or whether you?ll just be a day patient. For a full facelift an overnight stay will be required, Dr Zacharia?s patients stay overnight in a private room for all facelifts.

5. How long will I need to take off work for recovery?

Some types of facelifts require more time off work than others. Ask about the expected recovery time for your chosen treatment. For a full facelift, you will probably be best to set aside two weeks post-surgery to relax and recuperate.

When you book your consult with Dr Zacharia, his skill, knowledge and experience combined with his undeniable level of care for his patients will set your mind at ease about the procedure so you can focus on enjoying the results.

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