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Q&A With Dr Zacharia on the AAFPS Symposium

AAFPS Symposium
Dr Zacharia attended a three-day Symposium and Cadaver Dissection Workshop on Rhinoplasty conducted by The Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (AAFPS) here in Sydney over a weekend in early October. As a group, the AAFPS are committed to continual education, research and leadership for doctors and clients with an interest in the field of facial plastic surgery. They convene a conference every year, inviting prominent international speakers and exchange information, participate in interactive discussion and hands on workshops promoting ongoing excellence to advance our medical knowledge.

Q. What key note speakers stood out the most?

A. There were several international speakers who are renowned to be the best in the world with regard to rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty and it was an honour to have them here in Australia. In particular Dr Toriumi was magnificent in his clear and succinct presentation of his own historical development of his current rhinoplasty techniques. For example, he takes 6-7 hours to perform a revision using rib, but his results are repeatable and excellent.

Q. Were there talks of new techniques or new developments?

A. A significant focus was on Revision Rhinoplasty and exploring the complexities of this procedure. Dr Gubisch presented an updated technique for covering the nose with diced cartilage grafts which I have personally used in the past. Dr Tony Holmes from Melbourne presented his own historical review of reconstructive rhinoplasty especially in children, and his technique of using a dermal fat graft to augment the bridge of the nose is a novel approach which I will be returning to after long and detailed personal discussion with him. Dr Jang presented his technique for Asian Rhinoplasty which is exactly as I do it.

Q. Where does Australia sit in the world of facial plastic surgery?

A. Australia has well trained and renowned Facial Plastic Surgeons and it was evident by the quality of local speakers presenting alongside the international faculty. From a personal point of view it was heartening to know that I am doing surgery in the same manner as the international speakers, here on our own turf, however, taking note of a few points here and there will make my techniques much more refined. Next year we will be focusing on Facelift Surgery which I hope to be organising the meeting here in Sydney again.

Q. What are the benefits of these conferences?

A. These conferences bring together the most experienced and renowned surgeons in the world, and this particular conference and the best of the best. The reputation, the skill, the honesty and collegiate nature was fantastic and a credit to the organisers. All speakers presented an honest appraisal of their works but more importantly shared their knowledge openly for all to learn. It was attended by 180 specialist rhinoplasty surgeons which is an incredible number for a small population like Australia.

AAFPS SymposiumAAFPS Symposium

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