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Plastic Surgery Hub Podcast with Dr Zacharia

Listen to Dr Zacharia talking  Hair Transplants, with Plastic Surgery Hub!

Trish and Dr Zacharia talk about our latest procedure NG Hair,  in Plastic Surgery Hub’s latest Podcast! 

But so tell us, first of all, what is the Neograft Hair Restoration System? Can you give us a little brief snapshot of what it is?

Dr. Zacharia
Sure. Well, I think you need to understand what type of hair transplants are available. And there’s two types: there’s FUT, which is follicular unit transplantation. And FUE which is follicular unit extraction, the if you see is one where they took the strip from behind the ear of the ear from one side of the ear to the other. And they take a strip of hair and then divide all the hair follicles so that they can be implanted. The FUE is a specialised technique where you take individual hair follicles so there’s no strip, you don’t have to make big cuts. And Neograft is a specialised machine and technique where it’s a much faster, less complicated system to actually take those hair follicles.

Okay, so basically, what happens is you take out the hair follicles from one place like you extract them, and then you transplant them in another place on the head, or wherever I guess..

Dr. Zacharia
That’s exactly right. So most of our patients are male, but also female. And the classic areas that that the males come in and see us are that that full lock of the the front of the hairline, the balding that area or the crown of the head, the ladies tend to come in with the loss of hair where the hair is pulled back, like the ponytail type of lift. And I don’t know whether you’ve seen it. But some girls do a brow lift by pulling their hair back so tightly that they can lose their hair in that area. So what we do is we take hair from the back of the head, which seems to be an area that is not affected by balding, and then reposition those hair follicles or the grafts into the front of the head into the boarding area.

Listen to the entire PODCAST here!


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