Discovering Self Confidence - Patient’s Story - Dr Zacharia Discovering Self Confidence - Patient’s Story - Dr Zacharia

Patient?s Story- Discovering Self Confidence

Dr Michael Zacharia has performed over 4045 nose surgeries throughout his career. His philosophy is to ?help my patient to capture the beauty of their self-confidence.? This story shared by one of our patients tells of her personal struggle with deep insecurity and how under the care of Dr Zacharia she was able to discover a new level of self-confidence.

This is her story:
My decision to go through with rhinoplasty stemmed from many uncomfortable, difficult and incredibly self-conscious years of growing up as a teenage girl with a broken nose. I don?t think people realise how much it hurts to hear comments made about your insecurity. I also don?t think people realise how much it really personally affects your whole personality, confidence and character. It got to the point where I was so consumed by my insecurity that going out became a petrifying experience. All I could think about was whether people were staring at my nose or talking about how big, or ugly it was. Of course, my family and friends did not think my nose was as bad as I made it out to be but I could not help but feel so disgusting in my own skin because of this insecurity.

At this point, my mum could see how sad I had become and therefore agreed to take me to visit an ENT Doctor. Finding a professional in this field was of course my highest priority. I had heard of Dr. Zacharia through a good friend of mine who chose Dr. Zacharia for her rhinoplasty. She radiated so much happiness, self-confidence and joy from being freed from her insecurity; I couldn?t help but feel excited to go through rhinoplasty myself with Dr. Zacharia. I think it is extremely important to find a professional who is passionate, sincere and devoted to helping their patient, which is why I think Dr. Zacharia is the best in his field of work. Of course having surgery is a big decision, especially for a teenage girl, but I can whole-heartedly say it was the greatest decision I?ve ever made.

Dr. Zacharia has honestly changed my life. My happiness is indescribable. It is such an amazing and empowering feeling to overcome a toxic insecurity. It?s like I have been freed from an unnecessary burden in my life. There is honestly nothing better in this world then feeling completely happy and beautiful in your own skin.

– Anonymous.
Please note that this patient wanted to remain anonymous.

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