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Patient Rhinoplasty Journey Blog

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to change my nose. I have always had problems with my breathing and sinuses, but to be perfectly honest, the reason I really wanted a nose job was simply to improve my appearance. Unlike other Greek ladies, I didn?t have the typical long or hooked nose, instead my nose was super fat and wide and I have always hated how it would stretch across my face every time I smiled.

Once I had made the decision to finally take the plunge and have the nose job I had fantasised about for so long, I knew the next step was to find the perfect plastic surgeon. I turned to my trusty friend, the internet and got into some seriously deep stalking territory researching all the different plastic surgeons in Sydney. Many of my friends who had already undergone surgery assured me that meeting the right plastic surgeon was like meeting the love of your life, telling me ?when you know, you just know?. Eventually I decided to curate a list of all the surgeons my friends had seen and to research each one until I found one that felt right. Armed with this streamlined list, I went even deeper into my stalking and finally found a doctor I believed to be my perfect match.

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I made an appointment to see Dr Zacharia at his Bondi Junction office and with great anticipation, I set off for my appointment with my mum by my side. From the moment I walked through the door, it was love at first sight. In just 30 minutes, the friendly atmosphere, helpful staff and the confidence and passion shown by Dr Zacharia won me over completely. Dr Zacharia took photos of my face from every angle and used computer imaging to show me how my nose could look and I felt even more sure that this was the right choice. The date for my rhinoplasty surgery was set and I couldn?t wait!

On the morning of my surgery I woke up hours before my alarm feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. I grabbed my stuff and my mum drove me to Bondi Junction Private Hospital. The lovely nursing staff received me with lots of smiles and showed me to my room which looked more like a suite at the Intercontinental than a hospital room. Next, the nurse took some pre-operative photographs and ran through any last minute questions I might have. (I didn?t have any questions as I had already bombarded Dr Zacharia with a million? I?m lucky he didn?t take out an AVO against me.) After the photographs, I was introduced to my anesthetist who was absolutely lovely, and finally Dr Zacharia came to run through the surgery with me.

Formalities out of the way, I found myself on the surgical table ready for a good midday siesta and a brand new nose. The last thing I remember is joking around with Dr Zacharia and listening to some upbeat music, then the next thing I knew I was waking up in a different room with a cast on my nose. After dozing for a few hours, Dr Zacharia came to check in on me, then I had a meal and was shown how to clean my nose before being discharged and sent home to bed. It was one of the quickest and most exciting days of my life to date.
During this time, I discovered the joy of daily nose cleaning and smothering my scars with Vaseline and my bruises with special creams. I also went in to visit Dr Zacharia regularly during the first ten days to have my nose cleaned and my swelling monitored.

Things started to improve on the fourth day Although this was a difficult time, the important thing to remember during this time is that is does get better and it is only a matter of time until you will be looking better than ever.

When my cast was removed after 10 days I felt a million times better. When I went back the week following the removal of the cast and splint, they told me I wouldn’t need to come back for three months. I felt as though I was going through a break up. I was in strong denial. I argued and said ?that can’t be right, that is too long?, however they assured me that it was normal. I cried and cried (not really, I just comfort ate), and marked my next appointment in my calendar.

It is now almost a year from my surgery date and I am loving my nose more and more each day! Each day I can see that little changes are still occurring as the swelling continues to reduce. Getting a nose job was the best decision I have ever made and the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am so happy with the result; I wouldn?t change a thing. If you?re thinking about getting a nose job, I hope you have an equally fantastic experience.

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