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MD Fibroblast Tightening Pen

The MD Fibroblast Tightening Pen is a soft surgical procedure that is capable of treating a wide range of skin conditions that are usually treated with surgery or cosmetic injections.

MD Fibroblast Tightening Pen

As we age, the dermal layer of the skin starts getting thinner, elasticity lessens and collagen levels decrease, leading to wrinkles, lines and sagging skin. The MD Fibroblast Tightening Pen is a soft surgical procedure that is capable of treating a wide range of skin conditions that are usually treated with surgery or cosmetic injections.

This advanced treatment is FDA-approved and uses fibroblast therapy to stimulate collagen production, which tightens, lifts and rejuvenates the skin, all without the need for incisions or downtime.

What the MD Fibroblast Tightening Pen can Treat

It’s important to remember that every individual is unique and so too are their needs and desired outcomes for cosmetic surgery. If you’re considering a procedure, it’s essential to have a comprehensive consultation with one of our experienced surgeons. They can help you understand whether you’re a suitable candidate and what you can realistically expect from the surgery. The information provided here is meant to help guide you, but it’s not a replacement for professional medical advice. Always organise a consultation for personalised advice.

If you are concerned about the way you look or are thinking about cosmetic surgery for confidence reasons, there are alternatives. Talking to a counsellor or psychologist may help you overcome your concerns about your appearance.

Non-surgical blepharoplasty: MD Fibroblast Tightening Pen can effectively reduce eyelids and eye bags without surgery.
Facelift alternative: It offers a non-surgical facelift, rejuvenating the face without invasive procedures.
Wrinkle treatment: Effective on crow's feet, accordion lines around the mouth, forehead lines, smile lines, necklines, and smoker's lines.
Skin irregularities: It is capable of treating raised moles, cysts, and skin tags, smoothing skin's texture.
Acne scars: The pen can aid in the reduction and treatment of acne scars, promoting clearer skin.
Jowl tightening: It offers a solution to sagging jowls, restoring a youthful jawline.
Stretch marks: This device can also be used to address stretch marks, enhancing skin's overall appearance.
Scar treatment: The pen can be used to treat surgery scars, promoting smoother and more uniform skin.

What to expect

Once the skin has been cleaned and prepped, the MD Fibroblast Tightening Pen will be moved over the problem area.

The device uses atmospheric gasses to form a plasma plume, which is used to create superficial injuries across the epidermis. This controlled damage is what stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen and tighten the skin.

While the treatment can cause moderate discomfort depending on your pain levels, a numbing cream will be applied to the skin prior to treatment to make it as comfortable as possible. The average treatment only lasts 30 minutes but set aside an hour to allow time for your consultation and the application of the numbing cream.

You will also need to follow specific aftercare instructions to avoid any complications such as infection.

MD Fibroblast Tightening Pen Treatments: What Patients Need to Know.

Long-lasting results. The results of a MD Fibroblast Tightening Pen treatment can be seen 3 – 4 months later and can last 2- 3 years
Scabbing should be expected. Following your treatment, there may be some mild swelling and small scabs will form over the treated area
Downtime may be necessary. In most cases, patients choose to take a week off work following their MD Fibroblast Tightening Pen treatment but this is all dependent on how comfortable you feel about the appearance of your skin. You can choose to shorten your recovery time if you want to
A single treatment is enough. Depending on the level of skin laxity, one MD Fibroblast Tightening Pen treatment is generally enough to achieve the desired result but a second treatment may be required in some cases. Your clinician will advise you accordingly during your consultation
Sun exposure should be avoided. It’s important to avoid direct sun exposure for several days before and after your treatment

How much does MD Fibroblast Tightening Pen cost?

Your personalised quote will be prepared following an in-depth evaluation by our expert surgeon. This includes a thorough assessment of your individual needs, detailed explanation of the procedure, and a tailored approach to best achieve the desired outcomes. The quote considers various elements including surgical supplies, hospital requirements, and the specifics of the surgery itself.

Potential rebates might be available if the procedure is deemed medically necessary by relevant health authorities. Conditions for this include providing evidence supporting the medical necessity of the surgery and a referral from a healthcare professional. Your private health insurance may also provide coverage, so it’s essential to discuss this with your provider.


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