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Anti Wrinkle Injections Sydney

Injectable muscle relaxants are a non-surgical treatment, which are used to effectively treat wrinkles, as well as relax facial expression and neck muscles. Muscle relaxant injections can also treat the jaw, to reduce tension and pain from teeth grinding, or reduce severe underarm sweat problems.

Anti Wrinkle Injections Sydney

Injectable muscle relaxants are a non-surgical treatment, which are commonly used to effectively treat wrinkles, as well as to relax facial expression and neck muscles. Muscle relaxant injections can also treat the jaw, to reduce tension and pain from teeth grinding, or reduce severe underarm sweat problems.

Our team use one of the top recognised and globally prominent anti-wrinkle treatments, with more than 13 million procedures administered. Your suitability for injectable muscle relaxants will be assessed during an initial consultation.

What concerns can injectable muscle relaxants help to address?

It’s important to remember that every individual is unique and so too are their needs and desired outcomes for cosmetic surgery. If you’re considering a procedure, it’s essential to have a comprehensive consultation with one of our experienced surgeons. They can help you understand whether you’re a suitable candidate and what you can realistically expect from the surgery. The information provided here is meant to help guide you, but it’s not a replacement for professional medical advice. Always organise a consultation for personalised advice.

If you are concerned about the way you look or are thinking about cosmetic surgery for confidence reasons, there are alternatives. Talking to a counsellor or psychologist may help you overcome your concerns about your appearance.

Addressing Forehead, Frown Lines, and Brow Lift: Anti-wrinkle injections can help smooth out forehead creases and frown lines, as well as provide a subtle lift to the eyebrows by relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles and depress the brow.
Improving Eye Area Wrinkles: This includes reducing 'crow's feet', under eye lines, and 'bunny lines'. The injections work by relaxing the fine muscles around the eyes, reducing the visibility of these lines.
Reducing Lip and Mouth Lines: This addresses vertical lip lines (smoker's lines) and smile lines (nasolabial folds). Anti-wrinkle injections can help soften these lines, leading to a smoother lip and mouth area.
Smoothing Marionette Lines: These lines that run downwards from the corners of the mouth can be reduced in appearance with anti-wrinkle injections by relaxing the muscles in this area.
Enhancing Neck Appearance: This includes reducing the appearance of 'turkey wattle neck' or neck bands, contributing to a smoother neck appearance.
Alleviating Underarm Sweating: Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to treat severe underarm sweating, a condition known as hyperhidrosis. The treatment works by blocking the nerves responsible for activating sweat glands.
Managing Painful Jaw due to Teeth Grinding (Bruxism): Anti-wrinkle injections can assist in the treatment of bruxism and related TMJ disorders, helping to relax the masseter muscles, thereby reducing teeth grinding and the associated discomfort.
General Rejuvenation: Beyond addressing specific lines and wrinkles, anti-wrinkle injections can contribute to a general rejuvenation of the face, leading to an overall smoother appearance.

What to expect

Injectable Muscle Relaxant treatment uses a purified protein that relaxes the wrinkle-causing muscles to provide a smooth, more youthful appearance. The treatment is non-surgical and takes approximately 15 minutes. Injections relax the muscle, causing wrinkles to, but the results are only visible within five-to-seven days.

Any male and female adult can have muscle relaxant injections. Those looking for fast, non-surgical anti-wrinkle procedures, who seek a solution with no, or very limited recovery time, are ideal candidates.

Any medications or supplements taken should be disclosed to the physician, as they may increase bleeding and bruising at the injection sites.

Pregnant or nursing women are not eligible for Muscle Relaxant Injections. Also, any person with an infection near the injection site should postpone treatment until the infection is resolved. Furthermore, there is a greatly increased risk of serious side effects in patients with any pre-existing neuromuscular disorder.

Injectable muscle relaxant risks and complications

Bruising and Swelling: There can be minor bruising and swelling at the injection site which usually resolves within a few days.
Muscle Weakness: If the injected relaxant spreads beyond the intended area, it can cause temporary weakness in nearby muscles.
Facial Asymmetry: Incorrectly administered injections could potentially lead to an imbalance in facial appearance, such as uneven eyebrows or smile.
Drooping Eyelids (Ptosis): If injected near the eyelids, there's a chance that the muscle relaxant could cause a temporary drooping of the eyelids.
Difficulty Swallowing: If injections are administered in the neck area, there's a risk of temporary difficulty in swallowing.
Allergic Reactions: These can range from mild itching or rash to severe anaphylactic reactions, although these are extremely rare.
Headaches: Some patients may experience temporary headaches following treatment with injectable muscle relaxants.
Flu-like Symptoms: A small number of patients report experiencing flu-like symptoms, such as general malaise, fatigue, or fever post-treatment.

How much does Anti Wrinkle Injections Sydney cost?

Your personalised quote will be prepared following an in-depth evaluation by our expert surgeon. This includes a thorough assessment of your individual needs, detailed explanation of the procedure, and a tailored approach to best achieve the desired outcomes. The quote considers various elements including surgical supplies, hospital requirements, and the specifics of the surgery itself.

Potential rebates might be available if the procedure is deemed medically necessary by relevant health authorities. Conditions for this include providing evidence supporting the medical necessity of the surgery and a referral from a healthcare professional. Your private health insurance may also provide coverage, so it’s essential to discuss this with your provider.


Any injection can hurt, but usually Muscle Relaxant Injections are done without anaesthetic and are quite pain free. The needles used for Muscle Relaxant Injection are very small, so pain is usually minimal. However, at the patient’s request, the area can be numbed with an anaesthetic cream or cold pack 10-15 minutes before the injections are given.
Patient results vary anywhere between two and six moths and usually receive treatment once the effects slow down. Most patients will notice that they will see a return of ‘dynamic’ wrinkles (those created from muscle contraction) by three to four months after injections. Therefore, a patient usually requires three-to-four Muscle Relaxant Injection treatments per year to maintain the desired effect.
There are always possible side effects in any procedure, but in the majority of cases, any side effects are temporary and limited. Those side effects may include pain at the injection site, infection, inflammation, swelling, redness, bleeding and bruising. Some of these symptoms may indicate an allergic reaction, including itching, wheezing, asthma, a rash, red welts, dizziness and faintness, etc. If you have any concerns about the side effects, talk to your physician.Dr. Zacharia will then provide a checklist surgery information packet that explains everything a patient should do and know before their injection date.
Injectable Muscle Relaxant is purified, sterile and safe to use. It can be used for medical as well as cosmetic purposes. Many people are apprehensive about going for Injectable Muscle Relaxant treatment, thinking it will make them look unnatural (or plastic.) Anything done in excess will have side effects, but when done properly and in moderation, can do wonders for the skin.
After injecting the muscle relaxant, it can take anywhere from five-to-seven days to start working. The effects can last up to three-to-four months, depending on the individual, but will wear off gradually, allowing expression lines to slowly return.
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