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EMSELLA is a great option for anyone of any age who desires a non-invasive solution for urinary incontinence, or for women looking for an improvement in the quality of their intimate life.
As the body naturally ages, or through childbirth or menopause, the pelvic floor muscles can weaken and insufficiently support the pelvic organs, which can introduce issues like urinary incontinence and decreased intimate satisfaction in women. EMSELLA is designed to improve these pelvic floor muscles which can enhance bladder functionality for both men and women, while equally improving the quality of sensual sensations.

How does EMSELLA work?

EMSELLA is a procedure that utilises electromagnetic energy, at a high frequency, to cause pelvic floor muscle stimulation completely non-invasively. Like the contractions you perform when doing a Kegel exercise.

What makes this treatment effective is the in-depth penetration and stimulation of the entire pelvic floor area. A single session brings you thousands of intense contractions that you would not be able to do on your own. These contractions are very helpful when it comes to muscle strengthening and re-education.

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Benefits of BTL EMSELLA

A non-invasive procedure with no recovery time.
Remain fully clothed during treatment.
Restores bladder and pelvic muscle control without time-consuming exercises.
A comfortable procedure that lets you relax during the 28-minute treatment.
You may observe improvement after a single session. Results will typically continue to improve over the next few weeks.
Tangible results after about six sessions, scheduled twice a week.

What to expect during the treatment

One of the more surprising aspects of an EMSELLA treatment, is that you will be completely clothed during the procedure, though we recommended loosely fitted clothing to help achieve best positioning during treatment.  This positioning will involve you sitting straight In the EMSELLA chair, feet on the floor, with your pelvic area closest to the centre of the chair.  You’ll be asked to keep your spine straight, and to relax your hands and thighs.

When the treatment starts you will feel slight tingling and vibrations in your pelvic floor muscles that will then turn into full contractions. This will be completely comfortable and tolerable. If not, please let your healthcare provider know and they will adjust accordingly, as the intensity can be controlled adjusted to your comfort levels.

A treatment will take 28 minutes in total, and we’d encourage you to take this 28-minute session to relax, read a magazine, or watch some programming on your phone. You will be able to return to normal activities immediately after the treatment is completed.

OF NOTE : Jewellery, belts, cards, coins, wallet, and watches should be removed before treatment. Also keep phones and other electronics away from the device. Wearing comfortable clothing, nothing too tight that will prevent correct positioning.

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BTL Emsella Chair

What results Can I expect from Emsella

Scientific research shows that 95% of incontinent patients reported significant improvement in day-to-day life and 85% improvement was observed in overall intimate satisfaction.

How Much Does EMSELLA Cost?

Because of the non-invasive nature of this procedure, you can have this procedure more often than others.  Some people will pursue treatments once a week until they have obtained their desired results.  Each person will be different, depending on their goals, and you can discuss with our team a treatment plan to achieve your desired outcome.

Potential rebates might be available if the procedure is deemed medically necessary by relevant health authorities. Conditions for this include providing evidence supporting the medical necessity of the procedure and a referral from a healthcare professional. Your private health insurance may also provide coverage, so it’s essential to discuss this with your provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

EMSELLA is the only procedure that targets pelvic floor muscles and causes deep pelvic floor stimulation because of HIFEM®* technology. All other procedures such as intravaginal electrostimulation have a risk of burns and lack the effect as the electrical current treats tissue only superficially, not even mentioning the need to insert the disposable vaginal probe. Comparing to Kegels, patients are not able to properly contract pelvic floor muscles, build the routine to do Kegels at least 3x per day and do them in hundreds of repetitions to see some results.
EMSELLA is a great option for women of any age who desire solution for urinary incontinence, recovery after childbirth, and improvement in the quality of their intimate life.
EMSELLA is FDA cleared, medical CE-marked, and represents the first innovative technology that has shown in multiple studies to treat incontinence and intimate discomfort. When you come in for a consultation, we can show you how EMSELLA works and discuss the unique safety profile in more detail.
That is the best thing about EMSELLA. Patients say it is completely painless, the procedure feels like an intense pelvic floor workout. You can sit on the EMSELLA chair and relax during the treatment. During your consultation, we will be more than happy to let you experience the unrivalled comfort of the procedure.
Compared to other procedures, there is absolutely no downtime with BTL EMSELLA. You can get back to any daily activity immediately following the procedure.
This may vary depending on your age, physical condition, and many other aspects. In general, patients begin to feel tangible results right after the treatment. Positive results typically continue to improve over the next few weeks.
Nothing in life lasts forever and this will vary according to your health condition. The clinical studies show that most patients can maintain their results for 6 months after their complete treatment series. However, we recommend booking another consultation a few months after your treatments to see if you may benefit from any additional treatments. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is the key to maintain your results in the longer term.
Yes, we have already treated hundreds of patients in our clinic, and we are seeing great results! Everyone is really excited about this technology. Also, there are multiple scientific studies published that document in detail how EMSELLA and HIFEM®* technology can help people say no to incontinence or improve sexual sensations.
Absolutely, this machine is safe to use on anyone, and can improve pelvic muscles in anyone who desires a change with their current condition.
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