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Mini face-lift client experience

About 18 months ago, I began to notice that the bottom part of my face was sagging and aging considerably faster than the top half of my face. As the months went on and the appearance of my face continued to deteriorate, I eventually decided to undertake a mini (lower) face lift in order to refresh my appearance and boost my confidence. My goal was to undergo subtle enhancements; I didn?t want to look dramatically younger or completely alter the way I looked, I just want to feel fresher and less tired-looking.

Before I found Dr Zacharia, I had a consultation with another surgeon. During our conversation I was very clear that I didn?t want any fillers, Botox injections or general anaesthetic involved in my procedure. He wasn?t very accommodating to these requests and instead told me to come back in 5 years!

After this negative experience, I was cautious going into my consultation with Dr Zacharia, but the entire experience was amazing. The client service was outstanding from the moment I walked through the doors until the end of my quick recovery. The whole team made me feel very comfortable and not overly anxious, as I could see how confident and experienced Dr Zacharia and his staff were and how meticulous their attention to detail was. My conversations with Dr Zacharia covered absolutely everything, from what I should eat before the procedure to the vitamins I should take to aid to healing process.

Everything ran very smoothly; I booked my procedure within a week of getting my initial consultation and the procedure was scheduled for 3 weeks later. During this time, I made myself a little nervous thinking about how I would be awake during the 2-hour procedure while the work was being done to my face. But in the end, it wasn?t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

The entire procedure ran so smoothly, and I even had dedicated staff member appointed just to hold my hand and comfort me during the face lift surgery. This made me feel so relaxed and we ended up just chatting the entire time! I could see things happening from the corner of my eye, but I was always notified of every new sensation that I might feel which made the entire process stress-free. I knew I was in good hands and I trusted Dr Zacharia completely.

Before the procedure, I had decided to book a 2-night stay in a hotel so that I could recover in private and not upset my children. Looking back now, I didn?t need to do that at all, and could have easily gone home immediately after the procedure!

My recovery was relatively pain free. Dr Zacharia?s staff checked up on me regularly to ensure I was recovering well. I was a little scared that once the anaesthetic wore off I would start to feel pain, but I managed to sleep through the entire night. Approximately 24 hours later I took the support bandage off and I was amazed by what I saw: looked fantastic! I was absolutely shocked at how quickly I saw results. I took a photo and sent it to Dr Zacharia and the team to show them the results, as it was truly unbelievable. The next day I did start to get a bit of swelling but I knew that this was completely normal and I wasn?t worried about it as I had already seen my new face and I loved it!

I would definitely recommend this experience to others- the process was smooth and stress-free and the results are amazingly natural.

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