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Dr Zacharia has been featured in various publications, and has starred in two plastic surgery makeover TV shows to date, Unveiled and Changing Faces. Watch the videos below to get a glimpse of the episodes.
Dr Michael Zacharia
TV Shows


Dr Zacharia was the leading surgeon on Unveiled, a Style and Entertainment television show following six brides-to-be as they underwent cosmetic procedures in the lead up to their wedding day.

The nerves that surround the lead up to a wedding is enough drama for most couples. Add to that the highs and lows of a cosmetic makeover, and the pressure is well and truly on. Unveiled takes an uncompromising look into the high piqued drama of a wedding mixed with the element of surprise where all will be Unveiled at the altar.

Changing Faces

Dr. Michael Zacharia and Dr. David Penn are experts in their field of Changing Faces through cosmetic and dental surgery. In this real to life six part series, they delve into the lives of patients with unique and compelling reasons for a medical transformation and the journey Dr and patient take to get there.

In this show, it?s not just vanity that is being satisfied ? we see our experts helping people to make the most of themselves and live a life full of confidence inside and out.

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