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Dr Zacharia has been featured in various publications, and has starred in two plastic surgery makeover TV shows to date, Unveiled and Changing Faces. Watch the videos below to get a glimpse of the episodes.


Bachelor in Paradise’s Megan Marx reveals her new nose and secret boob job!

When Megan Marx escaped her marriage and religious cult and found fame on The Bachelor in 2016, she was introduced to a whole new world…

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Bachie Keira Maguire nose-job diary: ‘I just want to be perfect’

Seeking out plastic surgeon Dr Michael Zacharia in Sydney?s Double Bay to give her a new nose was just one part of Keira?s ongoing $22,000 transformation…

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Trisha Fitzpatrick to enter 2019 Archibald Prize

Blueys Beach artist Trisha Fitzpatrick will enter her work in this year?s prestigious Archibald Prize. Awarded annually to a portrait of someone well-known…

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Dr Zacharia was the leading surgeon on Unveiled, a Style and Entertainment television show following six brides-to-be as they underwent cosmetic procedures in the lead up to their wedding day.

The nerves that surround the lead up to a wedding is enough drama for most couples. Add to that the highs and lows of a cosmetic makeover, and the pressure is well and truly on. Unveiled takes an uncompromising look into the high piqued drama of a wedding mixed with the element of surprise where all will be Unveiled at the altar.

Dr. Michael Zacharia and Dr. David Penn are experts in their field of Changing Faces through cosmetic and dental surgery. In this real to life six part series, they delve into the lives of patients with unique and compelling reasons for a medical transformation and the journey Dr and patient take to get there.

In this show, it?s not just vanity that is being satisfied ? we see our experts helping people to make the most of themselves and live a life full of confidence inside and out.


Today Tonight – Dr Michael Zacharia on Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Dr Zacharia on cosmetic foot surgery. Today Tonight covers an interesting article on the fast growing trend towards women (and men!) cosmetically altering the shape of their feet for comfort and appearance.

The Kerri-Anne Show – Before Rhinoplasty

Dr Michael Zacharia, a skilled Cosmetic expert in Sydney appeared on Kerri Anne with his patient, Sharron before her Rhinoplasty operation and the second instalment of the show that takes a look at Sharron?s results after Rhinoplasty and her take on the experience.

The Kerri-Anne Show – After Rhinoplasty

We recently posted a video of Dr Michael Zacharia and one of his patients (Sharron) before her Rhinoplasty surgery. Here is the second instalment of the show that takes a look at Sharron’s results after Rhinoplasty and her take on the experience.

The Kerri-Anne Show – Cosmetic Injections P1

Here is another video of Dr Michael Zacharia a cosmetic surgeon in Sydney on Kerri Anne speaking about cosmetic injections and a recent boom during the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis.

The Kerri-Anne Show – Cosmetic Injections P2

Here is part two of the Dr Michael Zacharia video done as a part of an interview on Kerri Anne regarding cosmetic injections and its various uses for things like excessive sweating, muscle relaxation and migraines. Dr Zach is a Sydney based Cosmetic surgeon that also practices in Brisbane.

Dr Zacharia ? Bondi Junction Private Hospital

Dr Zacharia is a Sydney based physician who specialises in rhinoplasty, facelifts, liposuction and breast augmentation procedures at Bondi Junction Private Hospital.

Patient Natasha Before Chin Implant Surgery

This video sees Dr Zacharia talk about his patient Natasha before under going through a chin surgery implant.

Patient Natasha After Chin Implant Surgery

This video shows the patient Natasha after her amazing chin surgery result.

Sydney Cosmetic Facial and Rhinoplasty Surgery

Dr Michael Zacharia (MBBS, FRACS, FAAFPS, FACCS) is a specialist Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) and Facial Plastic surgery, known for his experience in facial rejuvenation. He specialises in Rhinoplasty and Facelifts.

Sydney Male Rhinoplasty Surgery Consultation

Dr Zacharia, a Sydney based facial cosmetic physician consults with patient on Rhinoplasty surgery.

Female Rhinoplasty Consultation

Dr Zacharia consults with one of his female clients on Rhinoplasty surgery. He practices in Bondi, Sydney.

Promoitalia Revitalizing Threads

Dr Zacharia talk about the unlike traditional surgical facelifts the Promoitalia revitalizing threads rejuvenate the face without changing your natural features.

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