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In The Age of The Nose Job Diaries

In the age of the “nose job diaries” plastic surgery is becoming even more mainstream….

Instagram is no longer just reserved for sharing photos of that delicious brunch or that new pair of shoes you just splurged on. Users are now filling their social media accounts with photos capturing every aspect of their lives, including documenting their plastic surgery procedures.

Over 60% of Australians own an Instagram account and last year, Australians spent well over 1 billion dollars on cosmetic surgery. So it seems inevitable that we would end up hash tagging our new and improved selfies.

Before and after surgery photos have been taken to the next level on Instagram, just search for the hashtag #nosejobdiary and you will find thousands of people who are sharing every step of their rhinoplasty surgery procedure online. They?re taking nervous selfies before their first consultation with a surgeon and then discussing options and their expectations with followers. People want to share their excitement leading up to the big day, document their recovery process and finally, they can celebrate the reveal with everyone online.

These are the ultimate, real life before and afters! No filters allowed!

One of the reasons plastic surgery is becoming more mainstream is because we have access to so many of these candid accounts of surgery on Instagram. With one click you can follow an honest journey of a rhinoplasty procedure, including detailed daily photos and the feelings that go along with it. Those are important details that you want to know if you?re considering the same procedure and can help you feel more comfortable to take the next step and book a consultation with a specialist.

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The idea of ?over sharing? can seem amusing when you realise that in the early 1900?s, makeup was actually considered ?too personal? to display on store shelves, lipstick and blush were considered personal items and only bold women dared to be seen applying lipstick in public. Cut to 2016 and there are now entire Instagram accounts dedicated to makeup tutorials and reviewing the latest cosmetics. Australian TV audiences have also embraced following plastic surgery journeys, through many home grown TV shows such as those of Dr Zacharia, prominent Sydney Rhinoplasty surgeon.?

People want to be able to celebrate feeling good about looking good and share their favourite ways to do that. Be it the perfect red lipstick applied with the right technique, or the perfect set of lips that you achieved with the right specialist and lip enhancement injections.

So if you?re thinking of getting plastic surgery for medical or cosmetic reasons (or a bit of both) being able to see other people?s plastic surgery journeys online can help you decide what you want and who is the best surgeon for the job.

You may even be so delighted with the results that you want to share your after photos on your Instagram account.

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