Factor4 – Why Is It So Amazing? - Dr Zacharia Factor4 – Why Is It So Amazing? - Dr Zacharia

Factor4 ? why is it so amazing?

Factor4 ? Growth factor therapy is a highly effective anti-ageing treatment that uses natural proteins present in our body!

There?s a laundry list of issues that Factor4 can fix. The most popular being full face rejuvenation, stretch marks, hair rejuvenation in men, crepey and sagging skin and scarring.

This treatment is more refined than the ?Vampire Facial? made popular by Kim K. It?s also a natural alternative to muscle relaxants.

But let?s focus on hair rejuvenation for men.

Have you got a man in your life who?s starting to thin on top? Is he a bit proud to say anything?


Are you that man? Secretly googling how to fix that receding hair line, because toupees fool no one. Growth factor is a non-invasive treatment that works and is a permanent solution. Restore your hair, and your confidence!

How?s it done?

Every formulation of Factor4 is unique, because we take a sample of your blood and incubate it using a patented scientific technique. After 6-9 hours of incubation which stimulates growth factors in the blood, a super potent serum is created.

What have we created?

Your very own personalised serum, it?s a highly concentrated formulation of your own growth factor and cytokines, we can use this immediately or store it for future use.

Then what do you do with it?

We administer Factor4 by means of micro-needling (see video below). This is a non-invasive treatment with virtually no downtime and it can be done in our chair at our MediSpa, easy! Any remainder serum is then massaged into your skin, we don?t waste a drop!

Best of all, your body will naturally accept Factor4, because it?s made from your own blood!

We recommend 4 treatments. This is going to achieve the desired effect and regrow those thinning patches or receding hairlines.

Starring in the video is a customer who has tried lots of different methods to regrow his hair, including shampoos, tablets and straight up prayer, none of which has made those little hair follicles come back.

With four treatments of Factor4, he?s regained his hair!

If you don?t believe us, see the before & after below! It?s amazing!


If you?re looking to learn more and want to speak to a real person about our treatments, please call us on (02) 9192 1600 or fill out a form on this website. We can do in-person or virtual consultations.