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Dr Michael Zacharia

Face Surgery

Face Surgery

Cosmetic procedures that target the face can help patients achieve a natural, younger appearance. Many areas can be targeted by face surgery. A facelift is the most comprehensive procedure, which can help reduce wrinkles and sagging skin around the face. Other options like a neck lift, brow lift, or cheek surgery are more precise and target specific areas of the face. These types of plastic surgeries offer long-term results, and on average, require two to three weeks for recovery.


Face Lift

Face lift surgery is a comprehensive procedure that tightens the skin and facial tissue, helping to reduce wrinkles, deep folds and lines. There are three main types, including SMAS, Deep-Plane and Threaded face lifts, and these are commonly prescribed to help reduce cheek and jowl sagging, smooth the jawline, and improve facial definition. In recent years, surgical techniques have greatly advanced, enabling face lift surgeons to achieve more natural, longer-lasting results, while reducing recovery time.


Neck Lift

A neck lift surgery is a surgical procedure that adds definition to the jawline and neck. Commonly, the surgery helps reduce cosmetic concerns like neck bands, excessive skin and fat, and under-chin fat. The procedure takes, on average, 2-3 hours, with initial recovery lasting two weeks.


Brow Lift

Brow lifts – also known as forehead lifts – target the skin and muscles of the upper face. With this procedure, the shape of the brow line and upper eyelids are corrected and sagging skin is removed. Brow lifts can help to correct a tired or sad appearance, deep horizontal and vertical wrinkles, and frown lines on the forehead., The procedure offers long-term results following post-surgery recovery.


Eyelid Surgery

Wrinkles, sagging skin and dark circles around the eyes become more visible with age. Eyelid surgery can help to reduce these common concerns through a surgical reshaping of the upper and/or lower eyelids. Upper eyelid surgery can help reduce the heavy-looking appearance of droopy eyelids, while lower eyelid surgery can help to reduce dark circles, puffiness, or excessive skin. The end result – which is visible within the first two weeks – is a re-defined, more youthful eye shape.


Cheek Surgery

There are two types of cheek surgeries which correct different cosmetic concerns. A cheek augmentation involves filling out the cheeks with surgical implants. Augmentations are popular for adding definition to the cheek bones and creating plumper cheeks. Cheek reductions involve removing excess fat and reducing the cheek bone, helping to reshape the profile. The final results are visible within three months following surgery.


Chin Surgery

Chin surgeries seek to redefine the chin – either through augmentation or reduction. With a reduction, the chin bone is reshaped and excess skin is removed helping to reduce the size of a chin that protrudes out too far. With augmentations, a synthetic implant is placed underneath the skin, helping to add definition to a chin and jawline.


Fat Transfer

Facial fat transfers – also known as lipofilling or fat grafting – are natural procedures that help to add volume to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. In this procedure, fat is collected from areas of excess, like the abdomen, and the cells are prepared with stem cells. This solution is then injected into the areas of concern to create fullness with a youthful, natural looking result.


Sydney-based Facial Surgeon, Dr Zacharia offers a range of facial cosmetic surgeries from his clinic in Double Bay. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about face lift surgery, or the other specialised services we offer.

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