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Dr Zacharia’s advice for brides before their big day

Considering Botox Before Your Big Day? Here’s What You Need To Know?

There’s no escaping the surge in interest in cosmetic surgery and other invasive treatments. So much so, that there is now a brand new six-part docu-series on Foxtel Style called ‘Changing Faces’, where Australia’s top surgeons Dr Michael Zacharia and Dr David Penn take us through different medical journeys with patients on the show. We invited Dr. Michael Zacharia to give his expert opinion on a couple of topics – the first of which is considering invasive treatments before your wedding day.

Here’s Dr Zacharia’s advice:

Whether you’re after plumper lips or a smoother forehead for your big day, then Botox may have crossed your mind.

With Botox, it’s best to try these procedures at least 12 months beforehand to see whether you like the finished look or not. The worst thing would be to have a treatment just before getting married and not being able to reverse it.

If you’re already an experienced Botox user, I suggest having the treatment around four to six weeks before your wedding day. This gives you enough time for swelling to go down or any adjustments, should you need it.

As for surgery, all facial procedures (such as rhinoplasty) need to be done at least six months in advance. The nose takes time to adjust and swelling to settle, so fillers or steroids can be commenced six weeks post surgery. Mothers of the bride – a facelift or eyelid procedure can be done within the six month period.

New bride Layla, aged 24, went through exactly this.

As someone who was unhappy with the tip of her nose and bump on her dorsum (bridge of nose), she wanted rhinoplasty specifically because she was getting married, and had the procedure done 1.5 years prior to her special day. Additionally, she had a full range of medispa treatment to make sure her skin was glowing for her big day. As you can see from the glowing pictures above, Layla was delighted by the results. 

For other surgeries such as breast augmentation or liposuction, you could sneak this in three months before the big day, however the longer rest time you have, the better.

Overall, cosmetic procedures approaching the wedding day are common for the bride, the groom and the immediate family. If you haven’t tried it before, I recommend trying a treatment a year before and revisiting within a three month period before the day. But if having a treatment closer to the day is the only option then make sure you see someone with experience who is sympathetic to the shorter timeline and has a more conservative approach. We all want those photos to be lifelong happy snaps!

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