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Does a PRP facial work for all skin types?

A Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) facial, also known as a Vampire facial, is a procedure that has been used for years to dramatically improve the appearance of aging, scars, sun damage, sagging skin and dark circles. The procedure involves taking a blood sample from the client, processing it to isolate the growth-factor-rich plasma, and injecting the final product into the client?s target areas.

Clients all over the globe have celebrated the results as the treatment works to wind back the clock and encourage new, rejuvenated cell growth. With so many men and women turning to this revolutionary treatment, is there anything this system can?t fix? Will it work for your skin type?

PRP and Youthful Skin

Infused with growth factors, PRP works to activate and rejuvenate cells in the body. Addressing issues, such as skin defects, the treatment encourages the development of new cells and important collagen. This means that a vast array of patients can benefit from the treatment, even young clients! Patients with acne scarring, skin pitting or skin that is showing the signs of sun overexposure ? such as premature wrinkling ? can benefit greatly from this treatment as it smooths and revitalises.

PRP and Young Professionals

As men and women approach their late 20s and mid-30s, the early signs of aging on the face, neck and d?colletage start to form. To roll back the clock, and undo the damage that a busy and stressful lifestyle can have on your delicate skin, a PRP facial will encourage the repair and growth of plumping collagen.

We find clients in this age group often focus on the expressive and crease lines found and often caused by sun damage on the:

  • Forehead
  • Between the eyebrows
  • D?colletage, and
  • Outer corners of the eye

When combined with other treatments, a PRP facial can work as a preventative against premature aging and encourage a longer lasting, youthful appearance.

PRP and Mature Skin

As skin ages, the ability to repair and create the collagen bonds that provide skin with it?s plump and springy appearance starts to decrease. Without intervention, the skin will continue to crinkle, fold and lose its lustre.

PRP kick starts the healing process, restarting the production of collagen and plumping the skin with the client?s own growth-product rich plasma.

PRP is especially effective long-term when a prescribed amount of treatments are completed and when complemented with cosmeceutical skin care, this process can create a beautiful, natural looking and youthful appearance.

*PRP creates a wound and causes the body’s own healing system to kick in and repair itself enhanced by the growth factors in the prp serum.

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