A Rhinoplasty Surgery of Bride-To-Be - Part Two - Dr Zacharia A Rhinoplasty Surgery of Bride-To-Be - Part Two - Dr Zacharia

Bride-to-Be Rhinoplasty Journey – Part 2

After years of dreaming about changing the nose I hated, the day of my rhinoplasty surgery finally arrived. The night before my rhinoplasty I was so excited ? I couldn?t believe that the thing I had been dreaming about for years was finally happening. The next morning, I went in for my surgery at 8am. My procedure took about two and a half hours and I left the hospital for home at around 3pm. I was expecting to feel a lot of discomfort but was surprised at how comfortable I actually felt. I know that everybody experiences their recovery differently but I was completely blown away by how pain-free mine was. I felt a little sleepy and slightly congested due to the splints I had in, but as I often suffer from hay fever I?m quite used to feeling congested and this didn?t feel much different.

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Over the next few days I basically just lounged around the house feeling quite sleepy. On day seven my splints and stitches were removed and I felt pretty much back to normal. Even with the cast still on, I could already tell that my nose was going to look amazing. After a few more days of waiting I had the cast removed and was absolutely gobsmacked by the result. Although there was still a little bit of swelling, it was the most beautiful nose I had ever seen. I started crying because I was so overwhelmed with happiness. Dr Zacharia had not just met my expectations, he had exceeded them a million times over.

Once I went home and began enjoying my stunning new nose, I couldn?t get enough of my profile, and kept looking at myself side on in the mirror. However, I was also amazed by how much better I looked front on. I hadn?t even realised that my nose was slightly crooked even from the front, but I could immediately see the difference.

I am so glad that I made the choice to undergo my rhinoplasty, and I am now happy and confident in my appearance. The fact that my wedding was coming up is what really motivated me and I am so happy that I will now be able look back at my wedding photos and feel nothing but joy.

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