A Rhinoplasty Surgery of Bride-To-Be - Part One - Dr Zacharia  A Rhinoplasty Surgery of Bride-To-Be - Part One - Dr Zacharia

Bride-to-Be Rhinoplasty Journey – Part 1

Like lots of people, I daydreamed about changing my nose for years before I actually did anything about it. My nose has always bothered me, especially when I caught a glimpse of my profile in the mirror, or when I saw pictures of myself taken in groups or at events. I knew that having a rhinoplasty was what I truly wanted, but I was worried about the possibility that I wouldn?t be happy with the result. Trawling through the millions of before and after photos online, I came across plenty of good results, but my mind fixated on some of the bad results and I worried that I would regret altering such a prominent facial feature. I knew that if it went wrong, there was a possibility that I would hate my nose even more than I already did.


This fear continued to prevent me from doing anything about my nose until about two years ago when I met two people who had undergone a rhinoplasty surgery and had beautiful results. I was amazed by how stunningly natural their results were, and I asked them which plastic surgeon they had used. I discovered that both of them had had their rhinoplasty performed by Dr Zacharia and I immediately decided that this was a doctor I could trust to perform my surgery.


Soon afterwards, I got engaged and my desire to have a nose that I was proud of for my wedding day finally gave me the motivation I needed to actually book a consultation. I knew that in the years to come I wanted to be able to look back at my wedding pictures and feel nothing but happiness and pride and my nose was stopping me from being able to do that.

At my first appointment, I felt immediately at ease as all the staff were extremely warm and welcoming and were happy to answer every little question I had. Dr Zacharia showed me an example of the kind of result I could expect and I couldn?t wait to get started. Dr Zacharia and his team were very helpful and they happily worked around my work schedule to find a time that suited me.

With my surgery booked, I started counting down the days.

To be continued? Click here for Part 2

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