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Breast Lift surgery is also known as a mastopexy. It raises the breasts with the removal of excess breast tissue and skin, and tightening the tissue in order to reshape and support a youthful breast contour.
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Breast Lift Sydney
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Breast Lifts by Team MZ, results shown. Final results may vary between patients however we always endeavor to achieve the best outcome for you.

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Breast lift alongside auto-augmentation, using breast tissue to create a balanced, enhanced and more proportionate shape.

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

The Breast Lift surgery is also known as a mastopexy. It raises the breasts with the removal of excess breast tissue and skin, and tightening the tissue in order to reshape and support a youthful breast contour.

The lifting of the breast can rejuvenate a figure by restoring a breast profile that is youthful. Breasts can change with time, losing their youthful shape and firmness.

Am I a good candidate for Breast Lift Surgery?

Some of the indications that you may be a good candidate for Breast Lift surgery could include the following:

Do you qualify for Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery will not have a significant impact on the size of your breasts, unless combined with the augmentation or reduction procedure. The ideal candidate for the Breast Lift surgery is a woman over the age of 18, who is in good physical health.

Those who are smokers should stop smoking at least 6 weeks prior to the Breast Lift surgery, as smoking can have an impact on how well the body heals after surgery. Smoking will impair blood flow to the nipples which can have negative side effects on the patient healing and the end result. It’s also recommended that patients avoid alcohol and stop taking any supplements that many have the potential for causing complications during the procedure and the recovery phase.

During your consultation, the Breast Lift surgeon will explain to you what needs to be accomplished in order for you to be eligible for the procedure.

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Breast Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Your first consultation with the Breast Lift surgeon will be your opportunity to discuss the concerns you have about the placement of your breasts and cosmetic goals for creating a more youthful contour.

A physical examination will be conducted, and your complete medical history will be reviewed in order to determine whether there are any underlying health factors to be concerned about.

Plastic surgery is highly individualised; each factor unique to you will be taken into consideration when planning your Breast Lift surgery. No two surgeries are alike, as no two bodies are alike. Our Breast Lift surgeon will use his experience and talents to ensure that your results will ensure you meet your cosmetic goals.

The costs associated with Breast Lift surgery can vary between each patient, based largely on whether other procedures will be included. Some patients opt to combine the lift with an augmentation or reduction. This can have an impact on the costs associated with the Breast Lift surgery.

The costs will also be based on complexity of the procedure, the costs of anaesthetic, and hospital fees.

It’s important to note that surgeries performed purely for cosmetic reasons will not be covered by health insurance. Patients are encouraged to discuss their coverage with their insurance companies prior to scheduling the surgery.

The Breast Lift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. If you have ever had a poor reaction to anasethesia in the past, be sure to let the surgeon know. Any prior complications should be discussed, in order to ensure your safety during and after the procedure. It?s important to note that most patients tolerate the anaesthesia well.

The Breast Lift surgery can last up to three hours, based upon the technique being used and on whether any other procedures are being combined with the lift.

The surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure. During the procedure itself, your surgeon will make incisions that are best suited for the degree of sagging and amount of excess breast skin and tissue you have. The breast tissue will be lifted and reshaped so that the result is a more youthful breast contour and firmness. The nipple and the areola will be repositioned, and enlarged areolas may be reduced in side.

Once the breasts have been reshaped, and excess skin has been removed, the incisions will be closed with sutures.

Patients can expect to experience some pain and discomfort, along with swelling, in the days right after Breast Lift surgery. Patients will also not be able to lift their arms, and may have a limited range of arm motion. Prescription pain medications will be offered, with instructions that detail how patients can best control the pain. Bruising, stiffness and numbness can also often be experienced during the recovery phase.

There is no surgery that can be considered free from any risks or complications. The Breast Lift surgery does carry some minimal risks with it, including the risk for infection, bleeding, blood clots and numbness. The numbness should resolve as the breasts heal. It’s always important to reach out to your surgeon if you experience complications after your surgery.

The recovery phase can vary per patient, as each patient heals at her own pace from surgery. The majority of Breast Lift patients will need to be on restrictive activity for six weeks after the surgery. The pain and discomfort that is typically felt after Breast Lift surgery will decrease after the first week, with most patients feeling back to their happy and healthy selves by the sixth week.

Patients should be cleared to resume their typical physical activities within six to eight weeks.

Unless the job requires heavy lifting and a lot of physical activity, most patients will be ready to return to work after one to two weeks of recovering at home. Patients will be cleared to return to physical activities after the sixth week of recovery. Those who have drains in place may need clearance from the surgeon before returning to work.

This type of surgery will result in scarring. During your consultation with the Breast Lift surgeon, he will cover the techniques he uses for the Breast Lift procedure. He will also answer any of your questions about the scarring possible with each technique. Scars may look very dark and visible right after your Breast Lift surgery but they will fade as the incisions heal. There are creams and other scar minimising treatments that can help to further reduce the appearance of scars.

The results of the Lift procedure will be felt and seen right after surgery. There will be a fair bit of swelling and bruising immediately after the Breast Lift surgery, but this will subside as the body heals itself. Within just a few weeks, patients will be able to enjoy a much more youthful and uplifted contour.

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