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New Year: New You

Here it is 2018, ready to remind you that another year has gone by, and what have you achieved? There is no better time than the New Year to start thinking about your life goals, and where you would like to be when 2019 comes around. People that set achievable goals…

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Are The Results From A Facelift Permanent

From the banks of our most asked questions about facelifts comes a popular one: are the results from a facelift permanent? Naturally, facelift patients are looking for reassurance that their results will be natural, beautiful, and long lasting…

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Does a PRP facial work for all skin types?

A Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) facial, also known as a Vampire facial, is a procedure that has been used for years to dramatically improve the appearance of aging, scars, sun damage, sagging skin and dark circles. The procedure involves taking a blood sample from the client,…

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How To Look Your Best Without Surgery

Everyone wants to look their best and sometimes that involves turning back time. However, not everyone is ready for surgical treatments. At Dr Zacharia?s, we offer several non-surgical, anti-ageing treatments. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are a great alternative to facial surgeries…

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How Factor 4 can improve your complexion

All over the world celebrities and in-the-know beauty seekers are turning to the revolutionary and age-defying properties of Factor4 injectable treatments ? also known commonly as ?Vampire Facials?. Put simply, Factor4 naturally stimulates collagen production and creates…

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