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Questions to Ask in Your Consultation for a Facelift: Part 2

Following on from our blog post, “Questions to Ask in Your Consultation for a Facelift: Part 1”, this article deals with some other relevant questions that clients have brought up in their initial consultations with Dr Zacharia, our renowned facelift surgeon in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Add these questions to your list to ask the surgeon in your one on one consult.

1. When will I be able to exercise again?Because a facelift is a facial surgery, you may have to wait longer to exercise than other types of surgery. This is because when you exercise, the blood flowing to the …

Questions to Ask in Your Consultation for a Facelift: Part 1

Considering a facelift? There’s no time like now to book in for a consultation – a face to face sit down will answer all your queries in one session and saves you the sometimes exhausting process of internet research – whereas we all know – information can be misleading.
If you walk into the consultation with a list of questions to ask, you can make sure you have all the bases covered. Here are ten of the most popular questions that clients have when coming to our clinic for the first time.
1. What type of facelift do you recommend?
Full facelift …

New Year: New You

Here it is 2018, ready to remind you that another year has gone by, and what have you achieved? There is no better time than the New Year to start thinking about your life goals, and where you would like to be when 2019 comes around. People that set achievable goals and then go on to complete them live more fulfilling lives overall. The sense of achievement once you’ve ticked something significant off your list gives a rush like no other.
The new year is a perfect time to commit to looking after yourself more. Starting with looking after your skin …

Are The Results From A Facelift Permanent

From the banks of our most asked questions about facelifts comes a popular one: are the results from a facelift permanent?

Naturally, facelift patients are looking for reassurance that their results will be natural, beautiful, and long lasting. This is why many clients ask whether the results of a facelift are permanent.

The answer to this question is actually a combination of yes and no.

An expertly conducted facelift by Dr Zacharia will make a more youthful and refreshed improvement in how old you appear.

It will take years, and indeed sometimes decades off the apparent age of your face. A facelift corrects ageing …

Everything You Need to Know About the ICON Laser for Scarring Treatment

There comes a time in everyone’s lives where we want to look the best that we can and finally get around to putting that plan into action. If part of your plan is addressing scarring, caused by either acne or surgery, then the ICON fractional laser is a good therapy to consider using for maximum results.

What is the ICON laser?
The ICON laser is a part of an all in one machine, manufactured by Cynosure, that addresses a range of aesthetic issues. The machine comes with a 1540 fractional laser attachment that helps to address scarring. This non-ablative laser can be …


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Does a PRP facial work for all skin types?

A Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) facial, also known as a Vampire facial, is a procedure that has been used for years to dramatically improve the appearance of aging, scars, sun damage, sagging skin and dark circles. The procedure involves taking a blood sample from the client, processing it to isolate the growth-factor-rich plasma, and injecting the final product into the client’s target areas.

Clients all over the globe have celebrated the results as the treatment works to wind back the clock and encourage new, rejuvenated cell growth. With so many men and women turning to this revolutionary treatment, is there anything this …

How To Look Your Best Without Surgery

Non Surgical Way To Be Younger




Everyone wants to look their best and sometimes that involves turning back time. However, not everyone is ready for surgical treatments. At Dr Zacharia’s, we offer several non-surgical, anti-ageing treatments. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are a great alternative to facial surgeries because they are a less invasive option for people who want to achieve a  fresher and younger look and want to experience very little downtime. Read on to see which non-surgical treatments are best for you.

Injectable Muscle Relaxants
Injectable muscle relaxants are a popular choice of treatment …

How Factor 4 can improve your complexion

Factor Facial Treatment


All over the world celebrities and in-the-know beauty seekers are turning to the revolutionary and age-defying properties of Factor4 injectable treatments – also known commonly as  “Vampire Facials”.

Put simply, Factor4 naturally stimulates collagen production and creates a rich blood plasma containing four times more growth factors than any blood-rich injection or treatment on the market. This means that when injected into your problem areas, Factor4 plasma works swiftly and effectively to combat the signs of aging.

So how can this treatment help your complexion?

What is a Factor4 treatment?
A Factor4 treatment …

The Perfect Treatments to Give Your Skin Some TLC

Valentine Skin Offer By Dr Zacharia


Our skin is constantly battling the elements, whether it’s humidity, sun or salt from a good day spent at the beach. So this Valentine’s day it’s more important than ever to give your skin some TLC. Here are some treatments which we swear by to get that extra glow.

Rejuvenating peel

The peel is the perfect treatment if you are looking for a bit of a face lift without going under the knife. It involves a chemical solution which peels away the skin’s top layer, leaving for impressive …