Beauty Diary of a Bride-To-Be: Part 2 | Dr Zacharia Beauty Diary of a Bride-To-Be: Part 2 | Dr Zacharia

Beauty Diary of a Bride-To-Be: Part 2

Second Treatment ? Lip Enhancement Injections:

I arrive for my most highly anticipated treatment, lip enhancement injections. It has been something I have been wanting to do for a long time, so naturally I am giddy with excitement about today. My excitement is quickly met with a touch of fear as I think about the needles and how this will all play out. I am met by one of the nurses and shown into the room where I wait anxiously. Shortly after Dr Zacharia enters the room with a big warm smile and a handshake. He assesses my previous treatments and is very happy with how my face is looking. Now for the lips! He scopes out the shape of my lips and notices I have a downturned mouth so suggests to put some filler in the very corners of the lips, and add to two extra muscle relaxant injections either side of my chin, just under the lips. This will relax the muscle and cease the lips from down turning.

He then fills 8 needles with the dermal filler, and explains that this a technique of his, using so many needles with only tiny bits of filler in each one. It is supposed to be better for the patient, and ensures even distribution of the filler. Dr Zacharia shows me the needle and explains that this needle is one of the smallest needles you can get. The nurse coasts my lips with a numbing cream and we leave this on for 10 minutes. It seems to be working a treat! I literally can?t feel my lips. I am also handed a small ice cube to press against my lips, but by this stage I can?t really feel it.

The treatments begins and Dr Zacharia carefully and strategically injects the filler throughout, starting with the top lip. He does one side and hands me a mirror so I can see the difference. WOW! You can see the difference straight away. I am already loving what I see so far. Most of the injections are in the lip itself with only two injections in the top lining/crease of the lips, to give them a slight curve. We continue with the other side of the top lip, then make our way to the bottom lip. He then injects two muscle relaxants into the marionette lines either side of my chin. My lips are wiped down, to rid of the numbing cream and the small blood residue. Dr Zacharia gently massages my lips to stop the filler from forming lumps. It hurts slightly only because my lips were so tender from the injections, but after a bit of manipulating, it is all finished. Dr Zacharia provides advice for after treatment care, and asks for me to gently massage my lips over the next few days if there are areas of concern, and to avoid any scolding hot drinks for the remainder of the day.



Oh my god, oh my god?I have luscious lips!!! Over the next couple of days the lips are slightly tender, but I can?t stop looking at them in the mirror, and taking multiple lip selfies. I have massaged them as directed by Dr Zacharia, which is a little sore to do, but after each passing day it is easier. Obviously as soon as you have your lips done, they are swollen, but that slowly goes down, and after a week, they are exactly how they are supposed to be. They are full, luscious, and more importantly for me, when I smile less gum is shown. The injections in my marionette lines seem to be working a treat, the muscle has relaxed so there is less of a ?pull? on my lips resulting in less down turned lips. I am extremely happy with the results, and can?t wait to lay a big smooch on James with my luscious lips on our wedding day.

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