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Beauty Diary of a Bride-To-Be: Part 1

A little about me:

My name is Brienne, I am a Brisbane girl living in the big smoke with my fianc? James, who is in the Australian Army. He was posted to Holsworthy Barracks, so we moved to Sydney in January 2015, not long before James had proposed to me and put a ring on it! The story is fabulous and goes a little something like this; it was my 28th birthday and he arranged with my boss at the time for me to have 2 days off work (that in itself was the best birthday present), I was told to pack a bag and that we were going on a trip. We started heading in a familiar direction, back to where I used to live as a child growing up and where most of my extended family still live. I might add in that I share my birthday with my lovely grandmother who was turning 89, so I had a sneaking suspicion that he had arranged a dinner or something so that she could be there. My suspicions were right, as family and my closest friends start turning up at the restaurant to celebrate my birthday, unbeknown to me what was about to happen. It got to about 6:30pm and the weather started to turn, James is pacing around on his mobile when he ushers everyone outside to look towards the water and said he had a surprise for my Grandmother and I. Confused as to what was happening, we all looked and waited, then? BANG, POP, SPARKLE! Fireworks started going off and it was like Riverfire. The fireworks were absolutely spectacular. After what seemed like an eternity of these fireworks going off, it was over, and we started to walk back inside, when my sister handed something to James over my shoulder. It was a box, and before you know it he was on one knee asking me to marry him. Swoon!

(Me before)

Wedding prep begins:

That brings you up to speed with where I am now, which is preparing for the biggest day of my life on the 10th September, 2016. I decided to approach Dr Zacharia and his team, to put a plan in place that will rejuvenate my skin, and help me feel confident, sexy, natural and flawless for my wedding day. It?s very important to discuss your wedding date with your doctor, so that the treatments can be scheduled at appropriate times for the best results. I am going to document my process the whole way through, so that other bride-to-be?s who are thinking about doing something similar, can be inspired for their own beauty wedding prep. My plan is as follows:

  • Injectable Muscle Relaxant in any areas of concern
  • LED light therapy
  • Lip enhancement injections
  • Non-invasive facial peel

First Treatment ? Injectable Muscle Relaxant:

I arrive for a consult and first treatment, a little apprehensive, as I really don?t know what to expect. I?m okay with needles but hate the thought of them. My fears are quickly diminished as I meet with Dr Michael Zacharia and Natalie, one of the cosmetic injection nurses. They made me feel completely at ease and talked me through the pre-wedding plan and assured me that a natural look was the way to go, and would be achieved. A series of ?before? photos are taken and I am asked to pull lots of very unattractive faces, so they can compare the results after all the treatments are done. Dr Zacharia analysis my face, he gets me to frown, raise my eyebrows and smile. This instantly reveals my areas of concern. He hands me a little covered ice cube, and gets me to ice certain areas of my face for around 30 seconds at each time. Dr Zacharia asks me to do the face movements again, and gently presses the tiny needle into 6 spots on my face. 4 in the forehead, and one beside each of the creases near my eyes. It doesn?t hurt one little bit! I can?t stress that enough! The needle is so fine, it feels like a tiny pin prick, and with a quick superficial injection, and applied pressure with a bit of gauze, it?s all over. My face is slightly red, but that goes down within a couple of minutes. I find out that it takes 2 weeks for the injections to take effect, but would often find myself testing my frown and eyebrow movement in the mirror to keep track. Dr Zacharia advises to keep my head upright and not to lie down so that the filler stays in the correct place, which was easy as I was going back to work.



2 weeks pass and I am called back into the clinic for an obligatory 2 week checkup. The cosmetic nurse injector asks if my expectations have been met, and if I had any concerns or troubles. I am asked to do my facial expressions, and now trying to get my frown line back is more of a challenge. But in a great way! The nurse assesses my face and I am given a little top up in the corners of my forehead, where some lines were still present. My skin has never felt smoother, more glowing and all-round just amazing. I can still make facial expressions, I look natural but the lines are no more. Where has this treatment been all my life? I am so pleased with the results, and am now more excited for my wedding photos than ever. The injections lasts for 6 months so by the time wedding rolls around in September, I may need a little top up, but Dr Zacharia will monitor this. It?s good to trial the treatment now anyhow to see how my face reacts to the filler, I didn’t want to be walking down the aisle with my eyebrows raised! Overall, I am so?happy with the results. The lines are gone which are the main thing and I am still maintaining all of my natural facial expressions, and my skin is so smooth. So far, so good.

(2 weeks later: trying to frown & raise eyebrows)

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