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Bachie Keira Maguire nose-job diary: ‘I just want to be perfect’

Forget what you think you know about the overconfident villain you met on The Bachelor ? the real Keira Maguire is much more self-critical.

Since landing in the spotlight earlier this year, the 30-year-old Sydney babe has been agonising over her looks, revealing to NW that she started planning a surgery overhaul to regain confidence after watching just one episode of the show.

?When I was young, people would be like, ?Oh my god, your nose goes to one side,? but I?d never noticed it before,? she explains. ?I didn?t worry too much until I saw myself on TV? The first night I watched the show I was sitting there, like, ?Ew, this is f**ked.? My nose is just so bad on camera.?

Seeking out plastic surgeon Dr Michael Zacharia in Sydney?s Double Bay to give her a new nose was just one part of Keira?s ongoing $22,000 transformation, which includes smaller procedures like vampire facials to help heal scarring, lip fillers, Botox to prevent wrinkles, and cosmetic tattooing on her brows. ?I?ve always wanted to be perfect,? she tells NW.

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