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A Note From One Of Our Patients: My Rhinoplasty Experience

12 hours before my rhinoplasty surgery I called mum. “I can’t do this!” I told her. Even though I had been talking about, thinking about and generally obsessing over getting my nose done, the reality was setting in. Would I still look like me? What if something went wrong? Was everyone going to notice? How would I handle the pain?!

But as a mum’s usually do, she talked me off the cliff and reminded me that this was a decision I had made, at a time when I felt ready. It was a decision I was making for me, and no one else or no other reason.

And I trusted Dr Zachariah. From the moment I had walked into his surgery, I felt welcomed and at home. Having visited a few other surgeons, I knew what I wasn’t looking for. Dr Zachariah actually considered what would suit my face, and spent time answers my ridiculous hyperbole questions. And his team! Each member treated me like a friend. I knew I would be in good, reputable and safe hands here.

The Surgery Day!

When I finally walked round into the operating theatre I announced to the room “I’ve changed my mind.” But with some gentle encouragement (read: happy gas) and some reassurance from Dr Zachariah that he was, in fact, a legitimate doctor, I drifted off into a dreamless sleep. And when I woke up on the other side I was in a very surprising state of relaxed euphoria. I had thought the pain would be excruciating. But it was more the discomfort of feeling like I had ten maxi pads taped to my face and not being able to breathe through my nose. But there was no pain. I went home that night, managed to slip some food past the bolster under my nose, and slept with my mouth wide open. So far so good.

Days 2-6

The next few days were wonderful. God bless whoever invented mersyndole. I stayed in a warm and comfortable place for the week, subdued by the drugs and watching way too many documentaries and TV series. (Shout out to the cast of Suits for the company). The pain remained relatively minimal for the next week. I was more aware of the pain from my buttock graft than my nose. The team called regularly and I kept my nose clean. I don?t know what I expected, but being this relaxed, sleeping lots and having food delivered by mum each evening was definitely exceeding expectations.

Day 7, 8 and 9

This was the point I started to get anxious. I no longer needed mersyndol, and so I wasn?t in such a relaxed and lucid state. I was ready for the cast to come off, and as warned, the post-op blues were kicking in. And then the reality; what was I going to look like? Irrationally I had begun to convince myself the change would be as obvious as if I’d changed the colour of my skin.

Day 10 ? The Big Reveal!

I chatted nervously as Natalie began peeling off the tape and plaster. Yep, there was the pain! It had been hiding under all those layers of skin-coloured tape. And then she was putting a mirror in front of my face and I was staring back at?me! It was still me! But with this awesome nose. A nose that was straighter and smaller and more?me! I quickly snapped a bunch of selfies to send to my family. They all came back with similar responses; ?You look great! You still look like yourself!?

My nose has healed well. There was a bit of pain and discomfort for a few weeks after the plaster came off, but now, two months in it?s still a bit swollen but barely any pain.

I am still so happy with it. I?m happy with the shape, and that it actually looks like a nose I should?ve been born with. Not many people knew about rhinoplasty surgery and so far not one person has asked. A few people have looked at me and said, ?You?re looking amazing!?, or ?Your skin looks fab!?, or ?How do you keep looking younger!?. I smile to myself and reply that it?s just the way I?ve shaped my eyebrows or a new moisturiser.

It?s not that I?m ashamed to tell people I got a nose job, it?s more that I don?t want it to define me. I don?t want it to be a point of conversation, and for people to talk about it when I?m not there. Because here?s the biggest thing I?ve learnt in all of this; I saw myself way more critically than anyone else saw me. I am the sum of my parts, not defined by one single aspect of my face or my body. That?s why I?m pleased I had a nose job for me. So I can feel more confident in my own body. I am the same person I was before this, but now I hold my head a little higher.

And I will forever be grateful to Dr Zachariah and his incredible team who made a pretty scary process feel safe, friendly and supported. I couldn?t recommend you guys more!

To find out more about Rhinoplasty surgery, call our friendly team on (02)??9192 1600 for a confidential enquiry.

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