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A Gift To Our Surgical Patients

Here at the clinic of Dr Zacharia, your journey to a new, natural, younger looking you doesn’t end after your surgery does. All of our surgical patients receive a lovely take home gift bag that includes a 100% Natural Soy Wax Candle from Oleria Emporium, and a complimentary photography session at Verve Portraits.

Verve Portraits
To help you celebrate your journey, Dr Zacharia gives the gift of a complimentary photo session for all his surgical patients from the amazing Verve Portraits group. Verve aims to develop something that extends beyond portrait photography, transcending the common and delivering an immersive experience. In the pursuit of excellence, Verve has committed to ensuring every customer touch point goes beyond expectations. The experience allows people to feel comfortable sharing themselves with their photographer so that their unique personality can be truly captured. The Verve mission is beautiful in its simplicity:?To create unforgettable experiences that will be celebrated for a lifetime.?

To see more of Verve’s work, visit?https://verveportraits.com.au/

Oleria Emporium

Dr Zacharia displays appreciation & attention to detail by gifting a lovely collaboration of Oleria Emporium candles to encourage clients to take themselves home, create a tranquil environment to help encourage the healing process, post surgery. Each Piece is composed by 100% Natural Soy wax & cotton wicks in beautiful glass vessels that then relives to hold your jewelry, pot potpourri or tea & spices – supporting a sustainable product & lifestyle. As our sense of scent can dramatically improve our mood and create instant comfort Oleria Emporium has specially crafted unique Dr Zacharia blended candle which is fragranced by Tahitian Gardenia, offering an exquisite floral blend. Rich and truly captivating with notes of Coconut & Malt. Each Candle hand-crafted with detail and dedication to the art by the Oleria Emporium artisan family with pure intentions to share “The Gift Of Light”.
To make a confidential enquiry, speak to our friendly team on (02) 9192 1600 or email info@drzacharia.com.au

Dr Zacharia

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