5 Tips for Anyone Considering Dermal Fillers - Dr Zacharia 5 Tips for Anyone Considering Dermal Fillers - Dr Zacharia

5 Tips for Anyone Considering Dermal Fillers

It has never been easier to treat the common signs of ageing and out of all the treatment options that are currently available, dermal fillers are still one of the safest and most effective.

With the help of hyaluronic acid and a qualified injector, patients can experience a smoother, more youthful appearance throughout the year.

If you?ve recently noticed that you have a few more lines and wrinkles across your face than you once did, this is what you need to know before you receive dermal fillers.

Tips for Achieving the Best Dermal Filler Results

A little goes a long way

You?ve heard it before, less is more, and this is particularly true with dermal fillers. It?s always better to start out with fewer injections until you can gauge your results. You can always make a second appointment if you feel you need an additional treatment. Never let a doctor talk you into purchasing multiple syringes, especially if this will be your first treatment. You want your results to look natural, so start out slowly.

You?ve been given pre-treatment instructions for a reason

If you?ve decided that dermal fillers are the best way to treat your lines and wrinkles, Dr Michael Zacharia will provide you with a

list of pre-treatment instructions. These instructions are designed to help you achieve the best results, which is why it?s so important to follow them. For example, you will be asked to cut out certain vitamins and supplements at least two weeks prior to your appointment to reduce bruising and bleeding.

Be aware of cheap deals

Everyone loves a good deal but the words ?cheap? and ?dermal fillers? should not be used together. Imitation products will not provide you with the results that you?re hoping for, so avoid clinics that offer dermal filler treatments at prices that seem too good to be true. Clinics that are determined to cut costs generally don?t provide the level of care that you should expect from a professional medical practice anyway.

Listen to what your doctor has to say

Reputable doctors will always take a personalised approach to treatments such as dermal fillers because they want to create results that compliment your face. If you?re trying to recreate a celebrity?s lips or you?re expecting the same results as a friend, know that there?s a good chance your doctor won?t agree with your decision. Always listen to your doctor?s recommendations before you make go ahead with a treatment.

It Is Possible for Fillers to Be Pain-Free

If you?ve never been too keen on the idea of injections, know that your dermal filler treatments don?t need to be painful. Almost all cosmetic clinics will apply an anaesthetic cream to the area that will be treated to make your session more comfortable. You will need to arrive a little earlier for your appointment but there really is no need to be concerned about pain. Some clinics also offer ice as a pre-treatment option, ensuring the skin?s pain receptors aren?t able to detect the pain of the needles as much.

Dermal fillers really are one of the quickest, safest and most affordable ways to rejuvenate your face without the need for downtime.