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Sian Faber Exhibition at the Dr Zacharia Clinic

Sian Faber

Next time you visit our clinic you will notice something special. Dr Michael and Kim Zacharia have decided to use our walls as a space for exhibiting the works of new and up and coming Australian artists. The wonderful Sian Faber will be the first artist to display her artwork at the clinic.

Sian Faber paints ‘movement and Drama’ and her topics range from waves, surfers and swimmers to fast action dancers.

On both paper and canvas, Sian works water media because “using water to paint water makes sense, although it’s very demanding, as immediacy and …

Get Your Glow Back with Teosyal Skin Hydrator

Teosyal Skin Hydrator

Have you ever wondered exactly why you are losing that effortless youthful glow you once took for granted? As we age, our skin begins to change colour and texture, becoming dry, thin and fragile and forming wrinkles and fine lines. There are two main reasons that the skin shows signs of ageing, the first is a reduction in hyaluronic acid, which is a natural skin component that acts like a sponge to retain water and keep skin plump and firm. We lose 50% of our body’s store of hyaluronic acid between the ages of …

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Bride-to-Be Rhinoplasty Journey – Part 2

After years of dreaming about changing the nose I hated, the day of my rhinoplasty surgery finally arrived. The night before my rhinoplasty I was so excited – I couldn’t believe that the thing I had been dreaming about for years was finally happening. The next morning, I went in for my surgery at 8am. My procedure took about two and a half hours and I left the hospital for home at around 3pm. I was expecting to feel a lot of discomfort but was surprised at how comfortable I actually felt. I …

Bride-to-Be Rhinoplasty Journey – Part 1

Like lots of people, I daydreamed about changing my nose for years before I actually did anything about it. My nose has always bothered me, especially when I caught a glimpse of my profile in the mirror, or when I saw pictures of myself taken in groups or at events. I knew that having a rhinoplasty was what I truly wanted, but I was worried about the possibility that I wouldn’t be happy with the result. Trawling through the millions of before and after photos online, I came across plenty of good results, but …

SculpSure Featured on Unveiled

Then the NEW revolutionary SculpSure, a world-first FDA-cleared, non-invasive body contouring laser treatment may be the answer you’re looking for!
Coming soon to the E! Channel featured in the TV series: Unveiled

7 Self-Care Tips for New Mums You Need To Read

Self Care Tips

While new motherhood is a transcendent experience that you will no doubt look back on with immense fondness, it can also be a very challenging time in your life. If you are feeling frustrated, confused and incredibly tired, take comfort in the fact that you are certainly not alone. While taking time out for self-care might be the last thing on your mind, it is incredibly important that you nurture your own well-being during this period to make sure you don’t burn out. Here are eight self-care tips that all new mums should consider …

In The Age of The Nose Job Diaries

In the age of the “nose job diaries” plastic surgery is becoming even more mainstream….


Instagram is no longer just reserved for sharing photos of that delicious brunch or that new pair of shoes you just splurged on. Users are now filling their social media accounts with photos capturing every aspect of their lives, including documenting their plastic surgery procedures.

Over 60% of Australians own an Instagram account and last year, Australians spent well over 1 billion dollars on cosmetic surgery. So it seems inevitable that we would end up hash tagging our new and improved …

What’s the Right Age for Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty – or a nose job, as it’s more commonly referred to – has grown in popularity in Australia. Today, men and women, and in some cases, even teenagers are electing to have this elective surgery performed for health and/or cosmetic reasons.

Yet, one of the most common questions people have is what is the optimal age for a nose job? Generally speaking, a rhinoplasty should be forestalled until the facial bones are no longer growing. For girls, this ranges between about 16 to 18 years old. And for boys, it is typically a few years later, from about 18 to …

4 Celebrities with The Best Lips


These days, lip augmentations are more popular than ever before, with iconic celebrities Kylie Jenner popularising the super-plump lip look. Lip augmentation creates fuller and plumper lips while also reducing fine wrinkles around the mouth. The procedure is becoming increasingly affordable and is also quick, with zero downtime, allowing to people to get on with their lives – so it is little wonder that in 2015 a record number of lip augmentations were performed. In fact, in 2015 the number of lip procedures had increased by 1000% since 2000!

But what is driving the desire for fuller …