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"I help my patients to capture the beauty of their self-confidence. A new, natural, younger you is my goal in helping anyone to look and feel fantastic in their everyday life."

- Dr Michael Zacharia

Rhinoplasty can reconstruct or resize the nose to achieve a desired look, or restore the functionality of the nose. It is the most complicated of cosmetic procedures, as both functionality and aesthetics need to be addressed.
Cosmetic procedures that target the face can help patients achieve a natural, younger appearance. A facelift is the most comprehensive, which can help reduce wrinkles and sagging facial skin. Other options like a neck lift, brow lift, or cheek surgery target specific facial areas.

Dr Mo joins Dr Zacharia to ensure that every patient is able to achieve his or her appearance goals. Dr Mo offers an artistic eye to the breast and body cosmetic surgeries he performs, producing results that exceed the expectations of his patients.


Our Medispa cosmetic procedures offer a minimally invasive alternative to some facial , hair and body surgeries. Muscle relaxants, dermal fillers and skin treatments can be used to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume. These treatments require little to no recovery time.

Dr Michael Zacharia

Dr Michael Zacharia

Would you love to feel confident and happy with your appearance when you look in the mirror? Dr Michael Zacharia’s goal is to make sure that every patient that comes through the doors achieves their dream look. He wants to make everyone feel confident and happy with their appearance and he is able to do this through cosmetic surgeries and treatments.